About us

Since the early days a beard has been the symbol of manhood and a fasion statement in its own right. Together with all of your beard aficionados worldwide, we are extremely excited that in recent years it has regained its well-deserved appreciation on both the streets of world's magalopolis and fashion podiums. Of course, as all great things out there , a proper beard deserves some TLC. It must always look immaculate, which is impossible without certain products from the hands of true professionals.

That is why we have designed a solid, high quality and exceptionally stylish brush made of real boar hair Beard Deluxe. This brush was made based on the results of our own resesrch and testing as well as the recommendatios of highly experianced professionals. We aimed at presenting you with a brush which would be specifically designed to be used by men and you ciuld not confuse it with a brush typically used on female hair.

We are very proud with the end result - a solid, reliable and trustworthy product. Whatever type of beard you have,it wil surely last you for a long while, if not a lifetime. We have no doubt that after a while you will wish to upgrade... to another Beard Deluxe brush.

We are a small company focused on quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, we guarantee you only the highest quality products which will serve you for a long time.

Beard Deluxe is here to make sure that your beard looks immaculate 24/7.