Beard Brush for Men with 100 % Boar Bristle


Beard Deluxe is hard-made out of eco-friendly bamboo and 100 % boar bristles. This robust handy brush was specifically designed to be used on male facial hair and oval-shaped specifically for the comfort of  a male palm. Beard Deluxe is marked with our stylish logo, so it stands out both quality- and style-wise.

Strong yet soft wild boar hairs allow for the perfect forming effect whilist. They have microscopic scales which help you reach every beard hair for that perfect shape whilst gently massaging skin and adding extra strenght and shine.

This brush is easy to maintain. We highly recommend to wash the product every three months by using a specialized beard shampoo or by simply placing it under warm running water. After washing place your Beard Deluxe bristles-down on top of a towel and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Your Beard Deluxe is of exceptionally high quality, so it will serve you for a long period.

The product comes in a solid elegant cardboard box and stylish cotton bag for that added convenience and hygiene when traveling or simply carrying your brush around.

Do not hesitate and order now - your Beard Deluxe awaits you, while your beard awaits some Beard Deluxe provided TLC.